SADE is a M2M Telemetria MDC (Meter Data Collector Server) responsible for more than 60,000 high, medium and low voltage customer’s communication in the Brazilian market.

With a Web Service Integration Process, SADE can be easily integrated to any MDM software.

Designed to deal with large amounts of data, it can support more than 21 mass memory channels in all customers, fiscal pages, alarms and totalizers.

SADE is already installed in 10 utilities in Brazil and is responsible for more than 45% of energy billing at companies like CEMIG and CEB in Brazil.

Technical Specs

Windows Based;

SQL Server or Oracle;


Load Balance Software;

Communication Server;

SADE – Data Acquisition System;

Communication Monitor;


Integration Module;

Elements that interact with SADE

Remote - Remote Equipment;

Communication module - communication module integrated to meters and other equipment;

MDM (Software of the Measurement Center) - System responsible for making data collected by MDC-SADE available to the concessionaire and its customers.