RMT 5.0 3G

RMT-5.0 3G is a MDR (Meter Reading Device) for high voltage and C&I customers AMI. Its firmware has over than 30 fraud detection routines that generate accurate and reliable alarms, which allows the utilities to act fast and to avoid and detect non-technical losses, including fraud and metering equipment failure.

RMT-5.0 3G full integration to M2M Arena software suite offers a complete solution for an efficient field installation, which increases productivity and avoids rework.

RMT-5.0 3G have the PH1IR camera as an accessory, which allows recording the moment of the metering box cover opening. This feature takes successive photos of the person responsible for opening the meter box allowing its accurate identification.

Fully autonomous and configurable, RMT-5.0 3G automatically sends the measurement, settings, status and alarms data directly to the MDC (Metering Data Collector Server), without request messages or pooling messages needed. This technology provides high scalability across the system and decreased processing servers.

The RMT-5.0 3G also ensures secure, reliable and low cost communication, using encryption algorithms, protocols with guaranteed delivery and data compression. The use of different protocols in RMT-5.0 3G ensures efficient communication compatible with all meters in the market and an easy integration with various MDM software.


3 RS232 ports with Power supply control;
USB 2.0 slave;
4 LEDs;
Dual Sim Card;
Relay Driver;
1 After relay voltage sensor;
2 Digital Input Port;
3 opto-isolated Voltage Sensors;
3 temperature sensors
(CPU, Internal, Communication module);
Battery charge level sensor;
Power supply Sensor;
Lithium Polimer Battery (up to 24h);
Smart Battery charger;
32MBytes of Flash memory;
Carries Signal Level Scanner;
Device location based on ERB’s signal.
- ABNT NR14522;
- Pima;
- Sibma;
- Others under inquiry.

Network Communication
- M2M (with encryption and compression);
- Dealers proprietary protocols;
- Transparent protocols;
- Sibma;
- Others under inquiry.
GSM/3G GPRS/EDGE/ HSCSD/HSDPA Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz);
SMS Contingency;
RF Mesh – 6LoWPan.
(L x W x H) 161 x 95 x 56 mm / 300g