Fuse Cut Out Indicator Firefly™
by M2M Telemetria


Currently technicians have to follow the MV lines to look at the light on the detectors.


The Firefly™ makes finding a dropped fuse cutout quick and easy. When the fuse blows and the curout drops to the inverted position the Firefly™ activates a flashing high intensity Red LED. With the embedded Sigfox wireless communications module, the Firefly sends a message to a central station and alert via E-mail and/or text message. Now you know exactly when the fuse blows and where it's located.

Installed on a fuse barrel

Fully wireless;
Plug and play;
Fuse cut out open location wih time and date stamp;
Fuse cut out closed back in location with time and date stamp;
Total number of fault events by location and your network;
Battery voltage;
Know your SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) number and improve it with real time alarms.