Founded in 2003, M2M Telemetria develop innovative solutions in Smart Grid and Smart City, integrated to the IoT (Internet of Things). With experience in large projects and international operations, M2M Telemetria works in partnership with world renowned players, contributing with technological excellence to the improvement and growth of cities.

Our products and systems ensure customers access to the most advanced technology infrastructure projects for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), DA (Distribution Automation) and Streetlights.

Working in partnership with major players in the worldwide market, M2M has developed customized technology solutions for Brazilian and North/Latin America markets, and supporting open standards technologies for all world markets. In partnership with CISCO, M2M Telemetria has been one of the main companies in the world developing CISCO 6LoWPan technology and enabling new markets to communicate over this revolutionary standard.

The developed technologies are aligned with world’s most advanced techniques and follows main International and Brazilian standards.

Design, manufacture and commercialize innovative products and technologies that are capable of transforming society for the better, using automatic communication between machines to generate relevant, updated and reliable information, focus on cost reduction, lower emissions and enable decision-making in the shortest time possible.

Become one of the two largest Smart Grid and Smart City technologies suppliers in Brazil by 2020, assuming an important international market position through strong, prosperous and lasting partnerships, paving the way for the widespread use of these technologies in the world.


Over the years, M2M Telemetria has excelled in several events focused in innovation. We are proud of being a Cisco partner, and together, develop the most innovative and exiting technologies to bring society to an even more connected world.

• 2014

M2M Telemetria received in 2014 the CISCO award for its contribution to the development of 6LoWPAN technology and excellence in research and development.
CISCO Connected Grid Awards
R&D Excellence – CDN Partner of the Year

• 2015

Received the Cisco Partner Forum Award in 2015
Solution Innovation Partner of the Year – FY15

• 2016

M2M Telemetria took part in the Cisco Partner Summit 2016 event, which took place February 29-March 3, 2016 in San Diego, California.
In this event, M2M Telemetria received the “ISV (Independent Software Vendor) - Partner of the Year – Americas – Brazil” Award for applications developed with Aquila, Nox, Nox Manager and Auster products.
All these products are compatible with FAN (Field Area Network) technology called "CISCO Connected Grid".